Total Cost Of Ownership Calculator Methodology

Find out how we calculate the total cost of owning your Canon printer.

TCO Calculator

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is based on the initial purchase cost of hardware plus the costs of ink or toner over a fixed period (see below for conditions). Please note that additional variable costs may influence the total cost of ownership, including but not limited to other consumables, ink and toner bundles, high yield ink and toner packs, servicing, power consumption and replacement parts.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is based on the following calculation: [Average colour CPP x colour print volume - minus bundled ink/toner pages] plus [Average mono CPP x mono print volume - minus bundled ink/toner pages] plus [cost of hardware] plus [cost of maintenance cartridge for MAXIFY GX models only].

The comparison models in the total cost of ownership (TCO) savings include selected models from the top 10 best-selling colour laser printers and top 10 best-selling inkjet printers according to the IDC EMEA Hardcopy Tracker (Data Q1 2020 - Q3 2020). The average selling price (ASP) of the printers in your local currency was obtained from the IDC EMEA Hardcopy Tracker (Data Q1 2020 – Q3 2020) and price of consumables from manufacturer official websites on 2nd February 2021.

Canon MAXIFY GX7000, GX6000, GX5000, GX4000 and GX3000 series hardware and consumables have been included and for the sole purpose of this TCO Calculator using the Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) which includes VAT.

VAT is included, but note that delivery charges are not included in the pricing calculations. Prices are subject to change due to market conditions.

Printing costs are based on use of the default settings being used on both the Canon printers and competitors’ printers. This is consistent with the test conditions employed in ISO/IEC yield test for the relevant category.

The cost per page was calculated from the consumable selling price as stated on manufacturer websites divided by the manufacturers’ published yield officially disclosed in publicly available information. The cost per page is based on the print simulation of Test Patterns provided in ISO/IEC24712 for inkjet printers and ISO/IEC 19798 for colour laser printer.

All manufacturers’ specifications and performance data has been collated from publicly available information including but not limited to manufacturers’ own brochures and websites. Canon and competitors toner and ink yields are taken from the manufacturers published specifications.

For the purpose of fair comparison and accurate data reporting, the consumables yield data was taken from the highest standard toner or ink yield consumables available at the time of publication which has been determined according to ISO standards. The comparison excludes combo packs, XL and multipacks. This data is publicly available.

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