Canon leads discussion on the future of content creation at cabsat, with prominent content creators and full house of attendees

Dubai, UAE – June 2022: Canon Middle East (CME) the leading provider of imaging technologies and services hosted a high level panel discussion, as well as two specialized workshops at CABSAT, The MENA region’s biggest show for innovation and engaging experiences in the content, broadcast, satellite and pro AV communities. Entitled “A Walk Though On Cinema Lighting Techniques & Production Workflow '' the first workshop was dedicated to exploring different lighting techniques with cinema EOS cameras, as well as a practical demonstration using cinema EOS cameras to achieve the best lighting results. The second workshop “Versatility in The Canon ENG Camera & PTZ Streaming Solutions Workshop” underscored how Canon's ENG Camera & PTZ Streaming solutions can be utilized in many industries including education, broadcast, corporate, and much more and demonstrated the real life benefits, advantages and versatility of the technology. Both sessions offered deeper insights into Professional Video Solutions, spanning filmmaking, broadcasting, streaming, and documenting. The extraordinary capabilities of Canon’s professional cameras and lenses were discussed, especially their ability to transform the way we work with moving pictures and how Canon’s film and broadcast products are designed to both enhance and streamline workflow.

Faisal Hashmi, Visual Storyteller and Indie Filmmaker, Hassan Aslan, Commercial Filmmaker and Influencer & Ahmad Nokari, Head Of Production at NAS News Arabia shared insights and trends at an exclusive panel discussion

The highlight of the three-day exhibition however, was a panel discussion entitled “How the Content Creation Landscape Is Changing” the session brought together three of the region’s most recognized, pioneering and celebrated content creators, to discuss the changing landscape of content creation.

Faisal Hashmi, Visual Storyteller and Indie Filmmaker, Hassan Aslan, Commercial Filmmaker and Influencer and Ahmad Nokari, Head Of Production at NAS News Arabia made up the distinguished panel and they shared their personal experiences, perspectives and predictions for the future of content creation - especially as it pertains to the need of people to take social media seriously, monetization of content, the ability to turn passion projects into commercially successful documentaries and how to customize content for different platforms.

The session was over-subscribed and attended by a packed room where the audience got to hear directly from these leading content creators about their own personal challenges and how they have been able to carve a unique niche for themselves. A common theme was the need for more people to join social media and share their craft on social media, as a tool to promote a product, develop a brand or raise a personal profile to gain more exposure.

Ahmad Nokari, Head Of Production at NAS News Arabia commented about the power of social media and had this to say, “I feel bad if someone is not on social media, but you need to. For example, people do not always remember who shot this video, who made the edit, but they always remember who was in front of the screen.” Faisal Hashmi, Visual Storyteller and Indie Filmmaker added, “A lot of people still believe that it’s just a director and actors in a film, but in fact there are so many amazing people who contribute, including the editors, the technicians and so on. But unless they put themselves out there and talk about it, maybe through a BTS on social media or a TikTok, people will still be unaware of them.

Hassan Aslan, Commercial Filmmaker and Influencer said that while he himself was taking a break from social media, he was happy to be working on developing movies and content for others, “So I am not the product, I make the product - for example I'm helping a director to shoot his film or make a commercial which in turn, will get boosted on multiple social media channels.” All three were in agreement that the social media landscape was going from strength to strength and it was necessary to ensure participation on various platforms, in order to stay relevant and benefit from the various means of monetization.

The panel concluded with a confirmation from Canon that it remains committed to reimagining the future or imaging and supporting content creators in their journey of visual storytelling. This panel was only one of many ways in which Canon is working to support the content creators community and for additional information on upcoming events, workshops and panels please visit: