Canon’s Ramadan food photography campaign to help educate children in Uganda and Iraq

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 3ʳᵈ, 2021: This Ramadan, imaging specialists Canon have committed to supporting the UAE-based global philanthropic organization, Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, to help to raise much-needed funds for children’s education in the Middle East and Africa. Following a year when the COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous challenges for people from all walks of life, Canon is determined to help make a difference.

Food for Cause’ campaign – 21st April to 21st May 2021

Canon is supporting philanthropic organization Dubai Cares this Ramadan to help give children in Africa and the Middle East access to life-changing education opportunities.

For every food photo submitted to Canon’s ‘Food for Cause’ campaign, the global imaging specialists will donate US$1 towards two Dubai Cares’ programmes - Girls in Crisis in Uganda and Recovery and Resilience in Iraq.

The ‘Food for Cause’ campaign combines two important aspects of the holy month of Ramadan – philanthropy and food. Canon will donate US$1 to Dubai Cares on behalf of everyone who submits an original ‘Food for Cause’ photo between 21st April to 21st May. The goal is to raise thousands of dollars for Dubai Cares programmes that are empowering children with access to quality education.

“The holy month of Ramadan is a very significant time of giving. We are proud to actively support Dubai Cares during this period and encourage our customers, fans and ambassadors to get involved and make their contribution. Simply share any original food-related image on the website before 21st May. It could be a traditional dish, a favourite meal or celebratory feast, it’s an opportunity to share your food story and give to children in extremely poorly-resourced areas,” encourages Mai Youssef, Corporate Communications and Marketing Services Director, Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa.

“Our corporate philosophy at Canon is ‘kyosei’, a Japanese word for living and working together for the common good. With the ‘Food for Cause’ campaign, aspiring and professional image-makers can, with a simple upload, collaborate with Canon and Dubai Cares.”

Dubai Cares is working towards providing children and youth in developing countries with access to quality education. Uganda and Iraq are two of the many countries where Dubai Cares is actively making a difference.

“We believe that together we can create a better world through education, collaboration and a shared vision,” said Abdulla Ahmed Alshehhi, Chief Operating Officer at Dubai Cares. “Canon’s ‘Food for Cause’ campaign allows everyone to contribute to this vision by offering all photographers the opportunity to leverage the power of a picture for a greater good. With every picture they submit, they will be supporting the education of young girls and boys affected by the refugee crisis in Uganda and conflict in Iraq through the rebuilding of their schools.”

Uganda is home to more than a million refugees, which has placed enormous pressure on the education system. Both refugee and local children face serious challenges to accessing education, including distance, limited resources, inequality, gender-based violence and language barriers.

The Dubai Cares’ Girls in Crisis campaign is tackling these challenges by building a new school, improving existing facilities and supporting educators. More than 11,150 adolescent girls and boys are benefiting from the work being done.

In Iraq, the education system has not recovered from years of war and conflict, during which thousands of schools were severely damaged. Dubai Cares Recovery and Resilience in Education programme is rebuilding schools in Baghdad and Mosul and helping 14, 400 children get access to education.

The ‘Food for Cause’ charity campaign is open to photographers, 18 years and older, living in central and northern Africa & Middle East region. For each original image uploaded before midnight May 21st, Canon will donate US$1 to Dubai Cares and double the total amount at the end of the campaign.

The ‘Food for Cause’ campaign is just one of Canon’s many corporate responsibility programmes.

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