Join the #PayItForward Movement

Welcome to #PAYITFORWARD, a program designed to foster gratitude and positivity within the workplace. Take the time to recognize your coworkers' achievements and embrace Canon's fundamental principles of being Bold, Innovative, and Visionary.

Spread Positivity and Make Someone's Day with #PAYITFORWARD

3 Easy Steps:

Participating in the #PAYITFORWARD campaign on this platform is as simple as 1-2-3 !

  • Select Your Appreciation Card

    Explore the gallery and browse through the diverse selection of postcards available. Choose your favorite one to convey your appreciation and gratitude to your colleagues.

  • Download Your Chosen Postcard

    Download your favorite postcard from the gallery and edit it using your preferred software. Once you've personalized the postcard, save it to your device, and you're all set to share your appreciation with your colleagues.

  • Share the Positivity on Social Media

    After customizing your postcard using the software of your choice, share it on social media to express your appreciation to your colleagues. Remember to include the hashtag #PAYITFORWARD when posting your personalized message.


Thank You for Spreading Gratitude!

Thank you for embracing the spirit of #PAYITFORWARD and acknowledging your colleague's hard work and dedication. Your gesture contributes to a positive and supportive work environment, fostering stronger bonds and collaboration within our team. Together, we're building a culture of gratitude and appreciation!

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