A Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer next to school books, a pencil case and a pair of scissors.


Back to school: make learning fun with a Canon PIXMA printer

There is no experience more rewarding than watching your children grow. As they navigate their way into the world it is a privilege to see their minds expand and creativity engaged. Whether your children attend a school or you choose to homeschool, home learning plays a vital part in your child's journey. The comforting and familiar space provides a safe and stimulating environment where they can explore, pursue interests and create personal projects. Having the right tools at their fingertips will not only ensure they can succeed, it will also make your part in their journey easier to navigate with them.

When it comes to thinking about what your child is going to need for the school year ahead, a flexible family printer should be at the top of your list.

Get connected

The hand of a small child touching a smartphone that is on top of a Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer.
Print from a smartphone using the Canon PRINT app – and if your children want to get creative with their homework tasks, they can edit and customise their own designs in the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor and Canon Creative Park apps.

The Canon PIXMA TS5340, which sits in the middle of the range, is a great choice for many – it's easy to use, affordable and compatible with your smartphone. Children will find printing using one of the many Canon apps "easy peasy" (according to a five-year-old)! The wireless connectivity is simple to set up, and you can connect to the printer with a number of computers or smart devices at the same time for all-round family flexibility.

Save time

A cat looks at a Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer that is surrounded by printouts.
Home learning can feel like a chore combined with the daily household routine, but Canon PIXMA printers mean you can print dedicated home learning materials and get organised.

There are many Canon printing apps (iOS or Android) that the PIXMA TS5340 is compatible with, but for versatility the Canon PRINT app is a good place to start. Simply download onto your smart device, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the printer, and you're ready to print photographs and documents, scan and copy. This app also connects to external Cloud services including image.canon, Dropbox, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Instagram, and OneDrive. Adults, teenagers and older children will find being able to access and print directly from these popular platforms and cloud storage services a great feature and a real time-saver. The Canon PIXMA TS5340 is also compatible with Apple AirPrint and Mopria for Android after an initial setup, meaning you can print from any of your Apple products or Android devices at the press of a button from wherever you have a network connection.

A child takes a printout from the paper tray of a Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer. A man sits on a sofa in the background looking at a smartphone.
Using the Canon PRINT app you can print educational materials from the comfort of your sofa, making home learning simple and quick.

As well as great printing capabilities the Canon PIXMA TS5340 also comes with a scanner (up to 1200x2400 dpi resolution), making photocopying study materials and replicating worksheets a fast and simple task. Again use the Canon PRINT app to easily adjust settings and let the Canon PIXMA TS5340 do the hard work for you.

Inspire and support creativity

A Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer on a desk in front of a pinboard covered in printouts.
Printing materials for home learning opens up a world of creativity that you can tailor to your children's needs. Do they need to practise their handwriting? Print off some handwriting guidelines for them!

Want to do more? In addition to the Canon PRINT app, both the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor and Canon Creative Park app are also worth installing on your smartphone for more creative options. With the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor you can create collages of multiple images, craft a calendar, design a poster and print stickers, to name just a few of the available options. The app's stylish templates range from bespoke arrangements that you can completely personalise to graphic templates that are ready to go as they are. With the Canon Creative Park app, in just one afternoon you could create a family album, print out a set of alphabet cards, and create a poster for a special event. Not only will you and your children enjoy the fun and creative variety these apps provide, they are also safe and easy to use for younger family members.

Print without limits

A Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer on a tabletop printing out photo collages.
The Canon PIXMA TS5340 uses Canon's ChromaLife100 inks for vibrant and long-lasting results.

In a family home where everyone is using the same printer, it can be reassuring to know the two-way paper feed system has plenty of capacity – you can load your Canon PIXMA TS5340 with up to 200 sheets of plain paper (100 sheets rear and 100 sheets in the adjustable front cassette) or up to 20 sheets of photo paper (rear tray only). The Canon PIXMA TS5340 is also capable of double-sided printing, so you can minimise paper usage and reduce waste. The Canon PIXMA TS5340 also comes with a two ink cartridge system (Black and Colour) that uses Canon's ChromaLife100 inks for vibrant results. The cartridges are available in standard size or XL – you can print twice as many pages with the XL cartridge, which means a lower cost per print.

Thanks to inventive apps, the Canon PIXMA TS5340 is so much more than just a printer! It is a tool that can materialise endless amounts of digital information, images and documents at the touch of a button using smartphone technology and creative layout templates.

Choosing a printer

A Canon PIXMA TS5340 printer on a desk next to a pencil case and stationery.
The PIXMA TS series includes a range of printers suited to your needs, and each offers creative freedom for doing school work and much more at home.

The Canon inkjet PIXMA printer range has something for everyone. Alongside the Canon PIXMA TS5340 here are some other printers in the PIXMA TS range.

Canon PIXMA TS3340

A Canon PIXMA TS3340 printer on a desk. Printouts, photos and a notebook are on the desk beside it.

This entry-level model prints borderless images up to 5x7 inches and comes with a 1.5-inch LCD screen. This budget-priced printer is excellent value for money, a great choice if you don't need a dual paper feed system, and the perfect aid for homework assignments or for general home printing.

Canon PIXMA TS5140

A Canon PIXMA TS5140 printer with its paper tray extended.

The family-friendly Canon PIXMA TS5140 sits next to the Canon PIXMA TS5340 in the PIXMA range and has many similarities, but a larger 2.5-inch LCD screen. Like the Canon PIXMA TS5340 the Canon PIXMA TS5140 comes with a dual paper feed system, and the rear tray and front cassette support a range of paper and envelopes up to A4 size.

Canon PIXMA TS6340

A Canon PIXMA TS6340 printer surrounded by papercraft materials, pencils and a pair of scissors.

Want to focus on high-quality photo printing? The Canon PIXMA TS6340 comes with a five-cartridge individual ink system (Pigment Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow), meaning you can replace single ink cartridges as they run out. This multi-purpose printer will print out 10x15cm borderless photos in a speedy 21 seconds, and its wireless printing connectivity is simple to use.

Canon PIXMA TS8340

A woman holds a smartphone above a Canon PIXMA TS8340 printer.

Towards the top end of the PIXMA TS group sits the sleek and stylish Canon PIXMA TS8340. With a six-cartridge individual ink system (Pigment Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Photo Blue), this printer is capable of producing high-end results. It will suit those who value quality and want to print perfect photographs. It has an SD memory card slot, so you can print directly from your memory card, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, and a versatile multifunction tray disc for printing media such as stickers and nail art.

Written by Claire Gillo

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