In this climb we used trained professionals and safety equipment with the permission of the owners of the property, please do not attempt to copy or recreate anything from the climb.

Enjoying and sharing your photos and movies

Over the years, you’re likely to collect hundreds of precious photographic memories, from different cameras, memory cards and devices. To help you manage and enjoy them whenever you want to, it’s a great idea to bring them all together in one place.

One useful tip for keeping track of so many images is to go through your photos just after you’ve shot them. It means you’re less likely to clutter your collection with images that you’re not going to look at again. Think carefully about which ones you want to keep; seeing them on a large display can help you see more detail and may influence your decision on which are the best ones.

Canon’s Connect Station provides an easy way to keep your photos and movies in one place for enjoying with friends and family on a HD TV at home. Touch your Canon Dynamic NFC-enabled camera to transfer your images wirelessly or import files using a memory card or USB cable. You can also use the Connect Station to easily share your photos on social media sites and online albums like irista, to print wirelessly and organise lots of memories from different devices.

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