Meet Our Travel Vloggers

  • @faithguy_

    Raised in Dubai, Iman Naghavi has gained prominence as a filmmaker with a unique vision of the UAE. His work reflects the serenity of the country’s nature, spotlighting distinct colors and patterns that captivate him, and conveying that perspective to his audience.

  • @zayed_alhaddar

    An Emirati photographer and videographer who reflects the beauty of his nation through his content, Zayed Al Haddar injects photographic frames into his films. His passions for fashion and surreal landscapes seep into his content, resulting in captivating and dynamic content.

  • @shisubekii

    Dubai-based multimedia artist Bekzat Juman masterfully captures urban street culture in his creations. By blending deeply engaging edits with his signature animations, he crafts visuals that are not only attention-grabbing but also rich in detail and atmosphere.

In the world of travel vlogging, countless creators make identical content. Those with a specific style are the ones that stand out.

To shine a spotlight on this individuality, we set a challenge for three travel vloggers:
Capture the essence of a day in Old Deira.
Each was equipped with a camera from the Vlogging Kit tailored to their unique style. Although they traversed the same streets and landmarks, the end results were vastly different, showcasing their unique vision and interpretation of the locale.

Canon Travel Vlogging Kits

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