Meet Our Vloggers

  • @abanoubramsis

    Abanoub Ramsis, an Egyptian filmmaker, captures the essence of streetwear in the Middle East, fostering a connection with the youth and the growing hip hop scene. This is evidenced by his collaborative work with regional rappers and artists.

  • @amarsibai

    Amar Sibai is an architect by education, a content creator by profession, and a fashion enthusiast at heart. Her content revolves around her versatile outfit styles, from contemporary to classic, streetwear to couture, tailored to different occasions

  • @wiz.khalifeh

    Sophia Khalifeh is a culture creative and photographer based in Dubai, with an innate love for fashion. Her unique way of presenting fashion through videography has captured the attention of fashion brands across the region.

To stand out and make a mark as a fashion influencer, content creators add a signature touch in their content.

To spotlight the individuality of fashion vloggers, we presented three influencers with an identical challenge: to style a denim jacket. Each was equipped with a camera from the Vlogging Kit tailored to their filming preferences. Even though they were working with the same fashion item, the style of their content varied significantly, showcasing their distinct aesthetic and vision.

Canon Travel Vlogging Kits

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