Meet Our Vloggers

  • @thehealchef

    Based in Dubai, British food vlogger Harry Heal’s prominence on social media. Continues to grow. His rise is attributed to his delicious recipes, presented with a calming yet cheeky flair. You never skip a video that starts with 'Alright guys'.

  • @Ladyspatula

    A “lover of all things edible”, Suad Shamma drew inspiration from her mother’s cooking. Her dynamic filming style, contrasted with her soothing voice overs, always resulting in mouth-watering dishes, have grown her a large social media following.

  • @chef.eddy.diab

    With over 20 years of experience in fine dining restaurants, Chef Eddy Diab infuses his content with flair, humor, and charisma, showcasing the joy he feels when in his element. Not to mention, he consistently creates top-quality dishes.

With hundreds of food vloggers prepping up similar recipes, the ones that make a mark have a unique style.

To celebrate the trademark styles of content creators, we gave three chefs the exact same task:

To make a lasagna.

We also gave each of them a camera from the Vlogging Kit that best suits their style. Despite them following the exact same steps, the executions were completely different, a testament to their unique vision.

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