Capture compelling video

EOS M6 Mark II

Capture compelling video

Shoot creative video using the same camera that you love for photography, capturing incredible 4K footage, time-lapses and slow-motion. Whether you’re involved in independent filmmaking, create content for a vlog or blog, or just enjoy shooting family movies, the EOS M6 Mark II will make your footage look professional thanks to Dual Pixel CMOS AF focusing technology and touch-screen which makes focusing easy, cinematic and automatic.

Start creating

If you’re a beginner looking to move into video with a small, practical camera, the VideoSnapshot feature will enable you to take a first step into capturing creative video by putting together clips of your day and combine them in-camera so you can easily tell stories of travels and events.

Focus like a pro

Our renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF system covers almost the entire frame and can track moving subjects – including faces – around the frame easily, keeping them in sharp focus. Adjust the speed of focusing for smooth transitions, and pull focus from one subject to another with a tap of the camera’s touchscreen (or your smart device running the Canon Camera Connect app).

Pair the EOS M6 Mark II with a lens containing STM or Nano USM technology for smooth, silent focusing that looks as professional as it sounds.

Choose your look

Capture 4K footage at 25fps/30fps using the full width of the camera’s sensor for cinematic results that look superb on your home TV. Or switch into Full HD mode to access to faster frame rates including 50/60p, or choose the high frame rate mode at 100/120fps – perfect for super slow motion.

It’s also possible to shoot to an external recorder using the camera’s HDMI output.

sample beach volleyball

The soundtrack your movies deserve

Record audio that sounds as good as your movies look. Set the recording level automatically or manually, and use the external microphone connection to record audio as you shoot.

See movement in a different world

As well as filming moving objects in 120fps slow motion , it’s possible to capture 4K time-lapse movies that reveal movement on a slower timescale. Set up your camera, specify the interval between shots and many frames should be recorded, then come back a little later to see the superb 4K movie the EOS M6 Mark II has created.

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Capture compelling video

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