Compatibility information on Wi-Fi enabled Canon digital compact cameras

Canon digital compact cameras featuring Wi-Fi¹ technology offer many ways to connect and to share photos and videos with other devices and over the internet. This page lists the required specifications for each type of connection and also includes important information on the use of the Wi-Fi function.

Wi-Fi Compatibility Table

Function Using direct connection
(ex. when connecting outdoors)
Using a Wi-Fi access point
(ex. when connected to a home Wi-Fi network)
Send images to another Canon
Wi-Fi enabled camera
Available in all Canon Wi-Fi models
Not Available

Connect and share images with smartphones or tablets, add GPS locations or shoot remotely from a mobile device with the free Canon CameraWindow app. For compatibility info visit the below links:

Available with:

Apple iOS mobile devices

Android mobile devices*

Available with:

Apple iOS mobile devices

Android mobile devices

Share to online services:

Google Drive™
CiG Online Album

(Sharing online requires access to

When connecting the camera to any mobile device supporting Wi-Fi Tethering/ Mobile hot-spot AP technology

(Mobile devices need to have access to a mobile data network. Additional charges may be applied.)

Available in all Canon Wi-Fi models

Back-up images on: 

Google Drive,
a computer

(Backup function requires access to

When connecting the camera** to any mobile device supporting Wi-Fi Tethering/ Mobile hot-spot AP technology

(Mobile devices need to have access to a mobile data network. Additional charges may be applied.)


Connecting to a Wi-Fi enabled computer Not Available


Printing photos directly from a printer compatible with PictBridge via Wireless LAN Available*


* Not available on the IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS.
** Not available on the PowerShot S110, IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS.

Additional Information


The direct Wi-Fi connection uses the camera as an access point to which the target device can connect. This allows the camera to connect with other Wi-Fi devices even when an external Wi-Fi access point is not available.

When not using direct Wi-Fi connection the camera must be connected to a Wi-Fi access point (ex. home wireless LAN internet router) in order to communicate with other Wi-Fi devices.

Even though these cameras support connectivity to Wi-Fi access points, they cannot be used in wireless networks such as public wireless hotspots which require the use of a web browser for authentication.

Wireless data connections (including Wi-Fi) may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of the Wi-Fi feature should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restrictions on the use of electronics.

It is possible to send up to 50 images in one send operation. An automatic image resize option is provided if full resolution transfer is not needed. It is also possible to transmit movies as long as the total recording time is within 2 minutes.

Smartphones and Tablets

There are two ways to share images from these cameras with smartphones/tablets:
A) Select the images to be shared using the camera screen and copy them to the smartphone’s Photo Gallery or,
B) Use the Canon CameraWindow app to browse the contents of the camera from your smartphone’s screen and to select the images to either be saved in the smartphone’s Photo Gallery or to be uploaded online (Android only).

The Canon CameraWindow app must be installed to connect the camera to a smartphone. To download the app and for device compatibility please visit:

For an NFC-compatible Android smartphone (OS version 4.0 or later), activating NFC and touching the smartphone against the camera’s N-Mark (NFC ) will start Google Play on the smartphone. Once the CameraWindow
download page is displayed, download and install the app. After installation NFC can be used to start the app.

GPS via mobile

It is possible to add locations to your photos taken with a Canon compact camera offering the GPS via mobile function. In order to use this feature you must have a smartphone or tablet with a GPS module and the Canon CameraWindow app. The smartphone/tablet can be used to track locations while you are shooting with the camera. When you are finished shooting you can sync the locations recorded with the smartphone with the images in the camera using the Wi-Fi connection.

Remote Shooting from smartphone

You can wirelessly control the camera via your smartphone from up to 5m away, perfect for including yourself in group shots with friends and family or capturing images of wildlife. Simply connect the camera to your smartphone using Wi-Fi and control the shutter, zoom, flash and timer guided by a live view feed on the dedicated app.

Uploading to the internet from the camera

When connected to a mobile device:
Some mobile devices including smartphones support Wi-Fi Tethering or Mobile hot-spot Access Point. This allows them to share a mobile data network connection with other devices including Canon Wi-Fi cameras. The camera instant sharing functionality when using the Tethered connection is identical to having the camera connected to a normal Wi-Fi internet access point (see below). Tethered connection can incur additional charges from your mobile data provider.

When connected to a Wi-Fi access point:
Access to a Wi-Fi internet access point and to are required for uploading images to web services using the camera. Images will be saved to your Online Album and a link to each new album will be added to your Facebook or Twitter account or in the Email message body.
When sharing on Facebook it is also possible to select if the image should be saved only on Facebook, only on or on both.
When the destination is YouTube, the movie will be uploaded and saved directly to your YouTube account.
Images can also be sent to your irista, Flickr and Google Drive accounts. is an online facility for sharing photos and videos. Providing up to 10 GB of personal storage capacity it is perfect for storing many photos, even in full resolution. An easy interface allows users to search for images, create combined photo and movie Albums that can receive comments from friends, and to share Albums directly via email and Social Networking Sites. Canon cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity use to access various Web services such as social networking services and Email directly from the camera.

Backup online or on a computer (Image Sync / Send via Server)

A account is required to backup images using the Image Sync or Send via Server function. Selected images can be backed up online (Using irista,, Flickr and Google Drive) and on a designated computer.

Connecting to a Computer

It is possible to connect the camera wirelessly to a computer when they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (ex. home Wi-Fi router). CameraWindow DC computer software must be installed on the computer prior to the connection.

Printing from the Camera

Photos can be printed wirelessly from the camera on printers compatible with PictBridge via Wireless LAN, including selected Canon SELPHY and PIXMA printers.

- Wi-Fi is a brand name that indicates interoperability certification of wireless LAN devices.
- Compatible wireless LAN standards are IEEE802.11 b, g, and n (2.4 GHz band only). Infrastructure mode (WPS compatible), Ad hoc mode. Security: WEP, WPA-PSK (AES/TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP).
- The information on this page does not apply to the Canon Digital IXUS Wireless camera released in 2005.
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