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Photographer adjusting Canon EOS R6 for a shoot

If you’ve ever used an EOS camera before, aspects of the EOS R6’s design will feel reassuringly familiar from the first moment you pick it up. And if you haven’t? Well, we think you’re going to love discovering the how its controls fall instinctively under your fingers, and how its advanced EVF makes it seem like there’s nothing between you and your subject.

Wanda Martin seeing through the lens attached to Canon EOS R6

® Teatro Massimo.

High-resolution electronic viewfinder

The EOS R6’s 3.69 million dot electronic viewfinder gives a view so clear you’d think you were still using a DSLR. With a 120fps refresh rate and 100 per cent coverage you’ll feel completely immersed in your photography while also being able to preview exactly what your final exposure will look like. The screen can also be rotated and stored against the camera’s body facing inwards, for extra protection.

The EVF is complimented by 3 inch 1.62 million dot Vari-Angle touchscreen that swings away from the camera and rotates through 270˚, allowing easy photography and filming from creative angles. By tapping, dragging and pinching this touchscreen photographers can shoot, browse images and access options in the camera’s menu system. Double tapping menu screens with two fingers momentarily enlarges text for easier reading.

A close-up cropped view of Canon EOS R6
Canon EOS R6 with lens held in hands

Intuitive, ergonomic controls

Buttons, dials and other controls fall instinctively under your fingers and thumbs when you hold the EOS R6, which makes it easy to adjust settings without having to take the camera away from your eye.

A Rear Control Dial that falls neatly under your thumb complements the camera’s Main Control Dial, which is easily found with your forefinger. A rear wheel is also present for navigating when playing back images and a programmable Lens Control Ring can be found on RF lenses. A shaped grip has been designed with comfort in mind when shooting for long periods.

A dedicated mode dial is used to switch between shooting modes, while separate front and rear control dials can be programmed to adjust aperture and shutter speed in a way that best suits your way of working. Focus areas can be moved around the screen using a dedicated AF joystick control or with the camera’s touchscreen interface.

A skeletal view of rear end and front end of camera

The EOS R6’s magnesium alloy chassis inspires confidence and is also dust and moisture resistant, so you can continue to shoot with confidence even when conditions turn bad.

The EOS R6’s shutter mechanism has been fine-tuned to have a softer, though reassuringly satisfying, sound that’s less likely to be noticed by your subject. It’s optimised for high-speed shooting and rated for 300,000 actuations. The shutter can also be set to remain open or closed as you change lenses or power off the camera – protecting the sensor or remaining ready for action.

"The Vari-Angle screen made it very easy to quickly shoot from a different perspective."

Dual cards slots for flexible shooting

A pair of SD memory cards slots is available, compatible with the latest UHS-II technology for fast data writing and transfer speeds. Configure the camera to save JPEGs and RAWs to different cards or to make a back-up as you shoot for extra confidence. The EOS R6 can also be configured to save photos to one card and movie footage to another, helping you stay organised right through the creative process.

Dual card slots of EOS R6

Powering your photography

The EOS R6 uses a brand-new higher-capacity lithium-ion battery that gives more shots on single charge than with the LP-E6N. The LP-E6NH is backwards-compatible with other EOS cameras and the EOS R6 can also be powered by older LP-E6N and LP-E6 batteries too.*

USB charging is available through Canon’s official PD-E1 power adapter or via PD compatible chargers and power banks, for extra battery power when you need it. An optional battery grip BG-R10 is also available, allowing two batteries to be used at once for longer shooting times and providing duplicate controls and extra comfort for portrait orientation shooting too.

*Shooting speed and the number of shots from a charge may both be reduced when using older LP-E6N batteries

Dual card slots of EOS R6
Viewing a shot captured by Canon EOS R6 on a smartphone, with the camera placed in the background

® Teatro Massimo.

More connected than ever

The EOS R6 features built-in Wi-Fi and an always-on Bluetooth Low Energy, which maintains a constant link to compatible smart devices. To browse and select images on your camera’s SD cards, and share them with your audience on-line, simply launch the Canon Camera Connect app on a compatible smartphone or tablet* and the camera will connect instantly via Wi-Fi, letting you transfer the image files you want and add GPS information, if required. It’s also possible to shoot remotely from your smart device or configure the EOS R6 for Auto Image Transfer so that images are sent to your device automatically as you shoot them.

This Wi-Fi connectivity also allows remote camera control from EOS Utility software, which offers live-view shooting and remote browsing and control of the camera too, letting you shoot from hard-to-reach angles or from a distance or in a studio. And for the ultimate in camera control, a software development kit is available for download so you can create software to work alongside your EOS for your business or hobby. To learn more visit https://developers.canon-europe.com/s/

Shooting a ballet dancer in a closed/home environment, a laptop wirelessly connected to the camera and displaying the same shot

Shooting wirelessly tethered with the EOS R6

Send images direct from camera to cloud

Canon’s new cloud photography service, image.canon, allows users to store your original images, including RAW files, on-line for up to 30 days. Image files can then be moved to the user’s allocated 10GB storage, Google Drive, Adobe’s Creative Cloud* or local off-line storage.

The EOS R6 allows images to upload automatically to the image.canon cloud, so they’ll be ready and waiting for you on your synchronised PC/Mac computer when you get back home. Ratings applied using the on-camera RATE button are preserved, so you can find your favourite images instantly.

A canon EOS R6 placed beside a tea cup

FTP built-in

For professional photographers with a need to deliver photos directly to clients quickly and securely from location, the EOS R6 offers built in FTP and FTPS using the camera’s built-in 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. FTP settings can be configured in-camera and up to 9 presets saved for instant recall.

When photos are rated in camera with the RATE button, this metadata can be transmitted alongside the image files – invaluable information for picture editors and agency staff.

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