Sustainable Imaging

Sustainable Imaging at Canon

Minimising our impact on the environment through our operations and customers.

Managing our environmental impact

We take responsibility for the impact our activities have on the environment, with strong systems, processes and policies in place to manage environmental impacts across our operations and ensure a reduced carbon footprint. This includes our:

Canon EMEA Environment Charter

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Green Procurement Standards

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Global ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System

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Sustainability for Canon

Takanobu Nakamasu, Executive Vice President, Document Solutions Business Unit explains the importance of sustainability to Canon’s business, through a short video.

Sustainable video

Our product lifecycle approach

We follow a ‘Produce – Use – Recycle’ approach to environmental sustainability, which entails managing our products in ways that support a circular economy - from design to end-of-life. Our approach also reduces the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) from our operations and helps customers to reduce theirs through energy efficient products.


We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products right from the start of the manufacturing process, so that they use fewer new raw materials, are more energy efficient and avoid waste throughout their life. 

  • We set carbon reduction targets and leverage Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies.

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  • We design our products to meet all relevant regulations, with any hazardous substances at or below the legal limits set out in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation.
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  • We consider the noise and ozone emissions that derive from our products.

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  • We reduce waste at manufacturing sites, achieving zero waste to landfill at all production sites.

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  • We decrease CO2 emissions arising from transportation by shifting to less CO2-intensive modes of transport, avoiding inefficiency during distribution and redesigning packaging to make it smaller.

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  • We ensure responsible and efficient packaging.

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Our customers can save money and reduce their environmental impact by using our products, services and solutions. Innovations and improvements mean our products use less energy and fewer consumables.

  • We continuously work to improve energy efficiency and reduce the electricity used by our products.

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  • We help business customers reduce consumption of paper and consumables through their use of our imaging equipment.

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  • By implementing a Managed Print Service (MPS), our customers can achieve up to a 60% reduction in environmental impacts.

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  • Our e-Maintenance and efficient technician scheduling makes service work more efficient and saves time, resources and CO2

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We are managing natural resources in ways that contribute to a circular economy, with an emphasis on increasing our sales of reconditioned devices.