Print Studio Pro

Canon’s Print Studio Pro plug-in provides the perfect workflow link between your image and the finished printed product. This unique software is designed specifically for PIXMA professional printers and lets you achieve expert quality photo prints with ease.


Compatible printers:


Print Studio Pro plug-in is automatically added to the compatible photo applications during PIXMA Pro software installation. You can also download the latest version of this plug-in for the current PIXMA pro printers or previous Pro9000MkII and Pro9500MkII from their support pages.

Starting Print Studio Pro

To start Print Studio Pro open the image (or multiple images) you would like to print in Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom. When using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, simply select the images from their folder.


Adobe Photoshop®

menu >
Click Automate >
Select Canon Print Studio Pro...


Adobe Photoshop Elements®

menu >
Click Automation Tools >
Select Canon Print Studio Pro...


Adobe Lightroom®

menu >
Click Plug-in Extras >
Select Canon Print Studio Pro...


Canon Digital Photo Professional

File menu >
Click Plug-in printing >
Select Print with Print Studio Pro

Main screen layout

Print Studio Pro brings various print functions into one easy to manage screen. Here you can select paper type, size, set colour management as well as correct colour tones of images before printing. The live preview displays selected colour tones and borders ensuring the final results meet your expectations.

main screen
PSP logo

(1) Live preview of the selected image
(2) Tools for cropping and rotating of the images
(3) Thumbnails of all open / selected images
(4) Area for saving and selecting your favourite settings
(5) Print settings area (Paper type, Layout, Colour Management)
(6) Print Button with a setting for number of copies

Key print settings

The print settings area of the Print Studio Pro is where you select the three key settings for photo printing: paper type and size, layout of the image on the paper and colour management (i.e. ICC Profiles).

media type

Paper settings

In Media Type section select either the paper name for Canon’s photo papers or paper type for other papers (i.e. Other Glossy Paper, Other Fine Art Paper or Canvas).

Select correct paper size and the relevant paper tray (Rear Tray or Manual Feed). Typically glossy, lustre and matt papers are loaded to the automatic rear tray while the thicker and heavier papers should be inserted to the manual feeder.

Image layout settings

There are pre-set layouts to choose from like borderless and bordered print as well as 2 or 4 images on a sheet of paper. When printing with borders you can adjust the size of the image simply by dragging its corners in the preview window or choose the exact image or borders size in mm in the layout menu.

You can easily centre the image on the paper using the alignment menu and even add your custom layout to the list (by clicking the plus button) to be available for next projects.

profile 2

Colour Management

PIXMA Professional Photo printers allow you to print photos looking as close as possible to the images displayed on the monitor.

For best results set colour mode to ICC profile, set printer profile to ‘auto’ for Canon papers or select correct ICC profile for other papers. The rendering intent should be set to ‘perceptual’.

Additional Settings

Print Studio Pro has additional functions allowing you to achieve results matching your creative ideas. You can add text to the photos; choose black and white photo mode, save favourite settings and many more.

Mono printing and clear coating

Select ‘Print Black and White Photo’ mode to transform colour image to mono or produce more natural looking black and white photos from already monochrome images.

Choosing ‘Clear coat the entire page’ option applies Chroma Optimiser (where available) to the entire print resulting in further enhancement of glossiness. As default the clear ink is only applied to areas covered with colour inks.

Black & White
text printing

Adding text to photos

In the text setting (part of the layout section) you can add a custom header, footer, page number, copyright information or photo shooting information (if available in the image data).

The text font, size and colour can be customised. For most of the text settings a bordered layout is required.

Image Corrections

When printing a black and white image, you can easily specify a tone with a single click to make mono photos with warmer or cooler tone. Colour images can be adjusted in each colour direction.

Pattern print function lets you print a single sheet with thumbnails of your photo adjusted in selected colour direction or brightness and contrast.


The recommended viewing conditions for screen to print colour matching:

Screen settings
Colour temperature D50 (5000K)
Luminance: 120 cd/m2
Gamma: 2.2

Ambient light:
D50 fluorescent lamps designed for colour evaluation(Colour temperature: 5000 K, high colour rendering properties)
Brightness when viewing printed materials: 500lx ± 125lx