Canon continues to redefine expectations of digital toner as demand for imagePRESS devices accelerates

LONDON – 2nd August 2016 Demand for Canon’s imagePRESS series of digital toner presses - including the recently launched C10000VP and C8000VP production models – continues to grow, reinforcing the continued importance of toner as a production technology for thousands of print businesses.

“We’ve had a hugely positive response from customers to the imagePRESS C10000VP. For me that confirms that, with this product, we’ve been successful in redefining the expectations of PSPs about the quality they can achieve with a toner based production press”, comments Mark Lawn, Canon’s European Director, Professional Print Solutions.

“Printers clearly recognise the high level of market insight and technological expertise that go into developing production presses that print such exceptional output quality and deliver the performance and resilience needed for today’s demanding business environment.”

“PSPs can see how the latest Canon imagePRESS models have been specifically designed to address productivity and maximise uptime by maintaining high production speed to deliver consistent throughput, even when working with mixed and textured substrates.”

At drupa 2016, sales of the imagePRESS C10000/C8000VP presses to European customers exceeded Canon’s event target by almost 60 per cent, including first sales of the C10000VP in Portugal, Hungary and Poland. A quarter of imagePRESS orders taken in Düsseldorf came from customers new to Canon, while more than half of sales to established customers were motivated by the need to add new capacity and capability to their business.

Demand for the imagePRESS C800 Series of colour production cutsheet presses also remains high, with EMEA sales of nearly 4,500 units since their introduction two years ago. At drupa 2016, the C800 and C700 proved exceptionally popular with customers from fast growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Mark Lawn explains: “The price/capability ratio of these presses makes them a very compelling proposition for hundreds of customers whose print volumes don’t warrant a press of the calibre of the C10000VP – whether smaller PSPs, corporate reprographic departments or creative businesses looking for high quality colour output solutions.”

Rising demand for the imagePRESS range is matched by PSPs’ interest in Canon’s solutions portfolio, as they look at enhancing their workflow solutions to make efficiency gains, as well as exploring how personalisation and multichannel campaign automation solutions such as COSMOS, DirectSmile and Digital StoreFront can potentially enable them to expand their service proposition to customers.

Mark Lawn concludes: “At Canon, we want every conversation with our customers to be focused on how we can help them develop and transform their businesses through inspiring them to devise new applications enabled by technical innovations. It’s clear that our customers today are looking beyond simple machine specifications and seeking to understand how we can support them to offer creative solutions to their customers’ business challenges. Print is an amazing medium, which has a vital and measurable role in the contemporary communications mix. Our commitment is to help PSPs and their customers unleash that rich potential.”