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Your photos, our favourites: Repurposing the City

Inspired by our recent feature on photographer and artist, Timm Schneider, we challenged you to capture the quirkier sides of your city and share your photos of urban reinvention to our Gallery. We chose these three fun photos and asked the photographers to tell us the stories behind them.

Beste Regards by Michiel Aalbers

“I was driving around through the large Dutch city, Nijmegen, when I saw this piece of street art from the corner of my eye. When I came back to photograph it with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, it was raining which added a beautiful shiny effect to the leaves on the ground. The mouse is a character from a German cartoon and it looks great in this urban context. I really love to photograph things in city streets that other people simply walk by. Thousands of people probably haven’t even noticed this beautiful piece of art that’s right in front of them in the heart of a busy city.”

Beste Freunde by Angela Bauman

“I discovered these two electrical boxes on my way home from town one day. They looked like they were laughing at me so I had to stop to photograph them. I wanted to revisit them and take another photo a few days later - but they were already gone. I guess that’s the transient nature of city art. I’m really happy I managed to capture them before they disappeared.”

Steam Punk Penguin by Beatrice Sutter

“This photo was taken on the tower of St. Michael’s Church in Hamburg, one of my favorite cities. I saw what I thought looked like a funny face and it made me smile. Most people just wanted to look through him to enjoy views over Hamburg. But I wanted to be face to face with him; to smile and say hello! I think he looks rather like a ‘steam punk penguin’! I think if you walk around with open eyes in most cities, you will be surprised how many hidden faces you can find in ordinary objects. It’s all about looking at things differently.”

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