How you captured great moments in 2015

Each of our latest selection of images by Canon fans offers a unique perspective of 2015. So to celebrate all the great submissions you have sent to our Gallery, we thought we’d choose some of our favourites and discover the stories behind them.

Dani del Rio Garcia is a photographer working in Costa Rica and he has captured a moment full of movement and power. Erik Sampers’ shot evokes the true meaning of incredible spirit and teamwork.

After surf, Dani del Rio Garcia

“I took this picture at Playa Langosta in Costa Rica when I was working at the Barceló Hotel as a photographer.

Langosta is a famous spot for surfing. The man in the picture was an experienced, local surfer with a great vibe. We’d usually meet on the beach and he’d give me good tips. Surfers used to use the hotel showers after going surfing and, as he was taking a shower, I saw him shaking his hair like a dog. The lighting was perfect with the sun as a backlight. I enjoy taking portraits and how a picture can make you think about what kind of life that person has experienced.

I took the shot with my Canon EOS 7D with a EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, shutter speed of 1/6400 secs at f/2.0 exposure and ISO 500.”

Blind runner and his guide, Erik Sampers

“I took this photo during the Marathon des Sables in Morocco. It’s a unique race with more than 1400 runners from 64 countries who have to run a total of 269km, as well as carrying their own food and sleeping kit in their backpacks.

This photo was taken on the morning of the longest stage. There was a lot of wind, dust and sand and then the weather became really unsettled. There was a storm in the desert, the sky turned black and for a few minutes, there was even a hailstorm.

I was waiting for the runners to come and saw an incredible image - the blind runner, Didier Benguigui, with his guide, Gilles Clain, using his hands to protect Didier’s head and face.

It was a great moment – all the other photographers had stopped taking pictures but I like to work in difficult conditions and my Canon camera lets me do this.

I took the shot with my Canon 5D Mark III with a EF100-400MM f4.5-5.6L telephoto zoom lens, shutter speed of 320 secs, ISO 800, f/6.3 exposure.”