Océ VarioStream 7100 series

Océ VarioStream 7100 series

Designed for low-to-mid volume printing, the Océ VarioStream 7100 series is a compact, black-and-white, continuous feed simplex printer family with impressive media versatility and speeds of up to 172 ppm.


  • Media versatility and application flexibility
  • Print labels, ID cards, security documents, magnets and more
  • Automatic paper loading and resolution detection
  • Proofing or backup device for high volume continuous feed b/w printers
  • Large touch screen interface
  • Integrates with industry standard workflows

Detailed Features

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Entry into continuous feed printing

Designed for low-to-mid volume printing, the Océ VarioStream 7100 series is a family of compact, black-and-white, continuous feed, simplex production system with a print speed of up to 172 ppm. High reliability and excellent print quality make it an ideal entry into production printing and proofing, or as a backup device for high-speed continuous feed printers.
The Océ VarioStream 7100 series consists of two printers, the Océ VarioPrint 7170 and the Océ VarioPrint 7110. Both printers are built from the same basic technology and print platform. The Océ VarioStream 7170 prints at 172 A4 pages per minute (2-up) or 25.5 meters/minute. The Océ VarioStream 7110 prints at 108 A4 pages per minute (2-up) or 16 meters/minute.

Diverse media

The Océ VarioStream 7100 series is based on non-contact flash fusing technology which operates at a very low temperature compared to normal heat and pressure fusing. The flash fusing technology and its straight paper path enables you to print on the widest variety of media types available in continuous feed printing. For example, labels, plastic cards, carbonless paper, pre-printed forms with cards, and coated paper can all be loaded - ideal for specialist providers looking to add real diversity to their production workflow.

Easy operation

The large touch screen operation panel makes operation effortless, minimising job set-up times and boosting overall productivity. And with an automatic paper loading system which makes changing media quick and simple too, the Océ VarioStream 7100 series is perfect for both short-run and quick-change print jobs. The printer's automatic resolution detection system enables you to instantly combine text at 240 dpi, logos at 300 dpi and illustrations at 600 dpi, without carrying out manual adjustments or conversions beforehand.

Seamless workflow integration

Powered by the Océ SRA® controller which supports the latest advancements in AFP/IPDS (IS/3), the Océ VarioStream 7100 series can be integrated into the colour workflow of all the newest Océ full-colour capable print engines.
With the support of native PCL6, PDF via the incorporated Adobe PDF Print Engine and the Océ PRISMA® software suite, the Océ VarioStream 7100 series integrates seamlessly into any industry-standard workflow.

Product Specification

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