Arizona 640 GT

Arizona 640 GT

The standard sized Arizona® 640 GT UV flatbed printer allows you to print on any reasonably flat surface for just about any application. This 4 channel high-speed model is easy to use and delivers outstanding image quality.


  • VariaDot™ imaging technology for superior print quality
  • Standard size table with roll media option
  • Up to 60m² per hour
  • Improved vacuum zone control
  • Active pixel placement compensation
  • Batch mode
  • Upgradeable to Arizona 660 GT

Detailed Features

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Our best yet

Arizona® Series printers offer exceptional print quality combined with true application versatility. Within the Series, the Arizona® 640 GT model delivers the highest productivity levels attainable in a standard size table model.

Roll Media Option

Supporting flexible media rolls from 90 to 220 cm wide, the Roll Media Option gives you the ability to print on almost any flexible media including banner vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, paper, textiles, backlit films, canvas and more.

Award-winning image quality

VariaDot™ imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picolitres resulting in superb image detail, smooth colour transitions and vivid, uniform solid colours.

This is further enhanced by our active pixel placement compensation. The flatbed table is mapped to determine system flatness, so pixel placement is actively adjusted to guarantee uniform, extra-sharp printing. It’s even applied with the Roll Media Option.

Next-level productivity

When productivity matters, the Arizona 600 Series delivers. With speeds of up to 60m² per hour, it is designed for graphics professionals with a production potential in excess of 10,000m² per year. Productivity is further enhanced by the new 6 zone vacuum system eliminating time-consuming table masking for standard sized jobs. A time-saving batch mode is provided for the efficient production of complex jobs.

True versatility

The Arizona® 640 GT offers incredible print versatility and can print on any media or object up to 125 cm x 250 cm x 5.08 cm thick - as well as flexible media up to 220 cm wide. Even objects and odd-shaped media can be decorated edge-to-edge with ease to meet your customers’ needs.

This application versatility opens up a wealth of creative possibilities: standard signs and displays, specialty and industrial applications, POP/POS retail signage, backlit signs, banners, object decoration, relief printing, membrane switch overlays and more.

Upgrade potential

The Arizona 640 GT can be upgraded anytime to offer the same capabilities as the Arizona® 660 GT, supporting 6 ink channels. This enables white ink and varnish capabilities, as well as enhanced productivity using CM² printing.

Product Specification

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