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Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay automation is all about increasing profitability by providing the ability to closely manage spend and cash-flow through better, more optimised and interlinked processes. 

By enabling procurement and finance to work better together, on a single integrated platform you can realise improved spend control and cash-flow management. 

By implementing an integrated Purchase to Pay solution you benefit from streamlined procurement, contracts management, invoice and staff expenses handling – fully leveraging cloud capabilities and all designed to support mobile working. 

Canon Purchase to Pay is: 

  • Flexible:  Modular architecture, so you can deploy individual applications, or phase them step-by-step  
  • Affordable:  Scalable pricing options, to best meet your needs  
  • Easily integrated: Working with the equipment and software you already have in the office  
  • Intuitive:  Web-based intuitive user interface installed with minimal need for training  
  • Mobile:  Use the system on-the-go, off-site or away from the office, from any internet enabled device

Did you know?

About 53% of businesses expect a loss of income due to late payments - Intrum Justitia, EPI 2012 and EPI 2013

74 percent of companies have not fully integrated their Procurement and AP departments - Institute of Financial Operations, the Case for Paper Free P2P, 2013

The No.1 driver to automating the management of POs and invoices:  achieving better control over spend and ensuring purchases are with preferred suppliers - Institute of Financial Operations, AP Automation study, 2013

Why Canon Purchase to Pay?

Purchase To Pay


Get key data and insight in your line of sight, as it happens.

Purchase To Pay


Keep an eye on everything, from requisition to payment.

Purchase To Pay


Reduce risks with automated checks, traceable digital processes and secure digital invoice storage.

Purchase To Pay


Streamline purchasing and AP processes with a flexible, fully mobile solution.

It’s changed the way we work, that incoming invoices are sorted in a way that we couldn’t imagine before, and I have more time to be at the field, at the product, with my employees and customer

Johan Selenius Rosengren
Company Director
Sarab Entrepenad AB

Next Steps

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Purchase to Pay: How one company tackled the challenge and realised the benefits.

See how implementing a Purchase to Pay Solution changed the way Sarab worked, giving management more time to be in the field, either on site, or with customers.