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Production Photo Printing

There’s a new way to deliver the professional photo merchandise to your customers. Building on our photographic heritage and renowned inkjet technology enables us to offer an exciting alternative to conventional silver halide print technology. Canon’s Production Photo Printing Range offers premium quality and outstanding speeds.



Canon’s production inkjet photo printer provides the new alternative to conventional silver halide technology delivering a wide range of premium photo merchandise.


Film Hinge Processor is designed to attach clear film hinges directly to double-sided prints produced by the DreamLabo 5000 printer for premium quality lay-flat photo books.


Bring your photos to life with the premium quality HD book printed on DreamLabo 5000. Create photos with enhanced colour gamut, faithful skin tones and ultra-sharp text.


FINE technology

Premium Quality with Speed

Canon’s unique FINE print head technology uses large number of microscopic ink nozzles delivering ink precisely to the print media at high speed. Combined with accelerated one-pass printing using seven fixed line print heads it redefines possibilities of fast photo printing with superb detail.



7-colour ink system

Smooth colour and mono photos

DreamLabo’s seven ink system in addition to CMYK employs photo cyan, photo magenta and grey inks to reproduce wider ranging shades and achieve more precise colour control. The dye-based inks deliver colour and mono photos with extra smooth gradations and more faithful skin tones.


Double sided printing

Automatic double sided printing as standard

DreamLabo 5000 features automatic double sided printing for convenient printing of photo books and double-sided documents. It removes the need for manual processes and improves efficiency. In addition, accurate print position control is achieved by the built-in high resolution scanner.



Lay-flat binding

Perfect lay-flat photo books

Create lay-flat photo books with Canon’s FlatSpread FS-500 post press. It attaches clear film hinges directly to the double-sided photos printed on DreamLabo 5000. By using double-sided papers you can increase number of pages within the photo book while keeping its slim shape.

*Additional binding machines are required to complete photo book production.