Counterfeit Batteries

Counterfeit lithium-ion battery packs pose a significant risk to your Canon digital camera – and your health. Because these battery packs are not equipped with protective devices that meet Canon's basic quality standards, they could cause your Canon digital camera to malfunction. These battery packs could also overheat, leak, ignite or explode, potentially causing injuries such as burns or damage to eyesight.

How can I tell it's genuine?
You can tell if a battery pack is genuine by checking for the unique hologram sticker found only on Canon's genuine battery packs. The hologram shows the word 'Canon' running in horizontal bands. A helix shape is displayed in between these bands, overprinted with the word 'Genuine.' In addition, the colour changes from gold to green when tilted from front-on to a horizontal position. If this transition does not occur, the hologram is a fake.

Canon will not be liable for any malfunctions or accidents caused by the use of non-Canon genuine lithium-ion battery packs (including counterfeit lithium-ion battery packs) in Canon products.

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