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Moments that Matter

Enter our competition with your best photo of sustainable moments, and help drive meaningful change for a brighter future. Deadline is January 28, 2022.

Picture a world full of sustainable moments

Want to help change the world? Engage people and influence sustainable development with your images. So grab your camera and bring focus on the moments that heal us, save us, make us, or develop us.
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A collective effort to do better

Find out more about how Canon, Expo 2020 Dubai and Hamdan International Photography Award are challenging photographers to help make a change.


The moments that matter

Photographers of all levels or anyone with a camera and a passion for sustainability is welcome to join the competition. Choose from one of themes below and submit up to 5 images with a caption for your selected theme.


Moments that save us

Show how nature contributes to innovating, designing, and developing for social change by choosing one of the sub-themes below.

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Genius of nature

We learn to emulate nature in many ways. What are ways we learn from nature to meet our basic needs?

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Natural connections

Time and harmony with nature can make us kinder, happier, and creative. So how do we integrate nature into our lives to ensure prosperity and fulfillment?

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Moments that heal us

Human sustainability methods improve and preserve the quality of our lives. Capture your image by opting for one of the following sub-themes.

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Healthy environment, healthy people

The people and planet are connected. Find the ways the health of humans and planet are intertwined and can lead to preventative care.

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Humanity and nature thrive together

Different countries and cultures learn to adapt and embrace their natural environment. How do they enhance sustenance and balance needs for now and the future?

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Moments that develop us

Creating abundance and economic growth matters as we aim to be more efficient and profitable. Select environmental or circular economy to base your image on.

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Environmental economics

Reveal how companies are serving the planet and bridging the gap between economics and the environment.

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Circular economy

What are businesses and people doing to use fewer resources and move towards a zero-waste future?

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Moments that make us

Meeting our present needs without compromising the future ensures environmental sustainability. Focus on one of the topics below for your submission.

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The beauty of biodiversity

Conservation, healthy habits, and corporate action preserve nature. What actions are helping renew depleted resources and combat climate change?

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Nature regeneration and restoration

How does nature solve issues posed by humanity? Share bold actions and solutions that reduce risk and negative impacts.

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An international panel of experts

The Moments That Matter judges are authoritative voices in the creative world with a common commitment to protecting the planet.

Now that you've chosen your Moments That Matter theme, join the competition by sending us your photo. Up to 5 photos are accepted.

See the entries we've got so far and be inspired.​

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