How remote printing capabilities are enhancing document production

Cloud and on-demand printing make the perfect match.

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Document management difficulties

Document management difficulties

Despite huge advances in digital documentation, today’s universities and colleges still rely heavily on printed materials for everything from exam booklets to study notes and student records. But with smartphones and tablets allowing people to access information when and where they need it, can print still play a role?

While some believe that print can’t compete forever with e-learning platforms and online wiki pages, the need for print in education is actually stronger than ever. What students and staff want is the convenience to quickly and easily print what they need at short notice. On an average campus where demand can run into thousands of printed pages a day, traditional document workflow and printing tools can quickly become a big productivity bottleneck.

Cloud based print workflow

Enter the cloud

A key problem at hand is how to improve the storage, management and processing of the information in documents. This becomes a hugely complex undertaking when you’re dealing with the enrolment data and academic records of thousands of students. More often than not, these students are distributed across multiple campuses, or accessing tuition services through remote learning facilities.

The answer can be found in the cloud. A web-based information system such as Therefore Online (TO) offers a comprehensive, subscription-based information management solution that replaces older manual and paper-based processes with automated digital workflows. More specifically, it allows you to:

Integrate: Many institutions are saddled with a mixture of old and new technology from a range of vendors. Therefore Online cloud integrates seamlessly with many of your existing hardware and software systems, enabling a consistent, automated workflow throughout the document lifecycle.

Capture and sort: When used in conjunction with Canon’s powerful IRISPowerscan OCR software, key textual and identifying data can be pulled from almost any document – allowing easy indexing, searching and editing. It works effortlessly with multiple file formats and languages, making management of international and multilingual student files much easier.

Secure: Protecting the confidentiality of student information is a top concern of any educational institution. Therefore Online cloud keeps all information securely stored and backed up with customisable access permissions.

Access remotely: For administrators and students who are always on the go, remote and mobile access allow you to access documents and participate in workflows directly from a mobile device.

With all these features integrated into a third-party cloud, the organisation can benefit from a scalable, all-inclusive document solution that doesn’t require big upfront spending on IT infrastructure – allowing more budget for the delivery of high quality educational services.

Remote on-demand printing

Drive productivity with remote on-demand printing

A fully digital document workflow makes it possible to meet tight deadlines, boost productivity and reduce human error. However, the benefits are limited if it is paired with a printing infrastructure that cannot match it for speed and versatility.

With an on-campus, on-demand document production service, users’ printing needs are fully addressed through the cloud/mobile printing platform. Print jobs can be processed from any location via a mobile device or web portal, allowing users to choose the most convenient print location and select a payment method. This gives you the benefit of:

Print versatility: Colour, monochrome and wide format printing options are available to all authorised users, allowing on-demand production of everything from class notes and exam papers to full-colour booklets.

Cost efficiency: Today’s demands for growing volumes and greater quality can lead to unnecessary outsourcing costs. On-site document production has been proven to save 30% or more on printing costs by eliminating profit margins, sales commissions and more.

Security: A secure cloud architecture, end-to-end data encryption, and highly customisable user permissions ensure printed documents are always released to the right person.

Cloud-based digital document production saves costs and improves productivity both on and off the campus. Add the most efficient and versatile printing devices on the market, and you may never need to outsource your printing needs again.

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