Canon helps Staples to boost revenues with customer-centric approach

Staples is the world’s largest office supplies company with over 2,000 retail stores across 27 countries worldwide.

Yet despite the brand’s global success, the Staples Retail Organisation in the Netherlands, faced with low revenues and reduced footfall, has had to look towards a more customer-centric approach in order to remain profitable in a competitive market. A more integrated customer experience was required to create more cohesion between its in-store and online offerings. It also needed more direct marketing channels for personalisation and to draw customers in.

Staples enlisted Canon Business Services to carry out a customer assessment programme. Using the customer insights, Canon then began developing and broadening the overall vision.


"We needed a consultancy approach to gain insights in our customer drivers. What we needed was a resolution and a strategy, but these didn’t appear to exist until Canon Enterprise Services got involved."

Richard Houppermans, Manager of Business Services