The Student Hotel protects its residents with Canon network cameras

The Student Hotel has a unique business model that creates a specific set of challenges due to the lifestyle patterns of quests and the high turnover of residents. It mixes guests staying for a few days with those staying for a short stay (three weeks or more) or an academic semester. As a result, the security of its residents is absolutely paramount. Previous security systems lacked the accuracy needed to appropriately monitor the properties. The Student Hotel needs to ensure that any incidents are quickly dealt with and people held accountable, whether they are staying for two days or two months. As a result, improving the image quality was a principle concern and motivation for the upgrade.


"Canon has supported us in many ways – not only with its high quality cameras, but also with its excellent levels of pre-sale support. We were able to create a solution that was easy for our team to use and perfectly met our needs."

Jan-Pieter Muis, Asset Manager