Women Empowering Women in the ME

Packageha’s inspirational story

Women Empowering Women in the ME

It all began with a package…

It’s official: women in the Middle East are becoming more empowered in the workplace and supported in their career aspirations. A recent study by Canon and YouGov found that 77% of people believe their organization is doing enough to support women at work. Additionally, 83% say they have noticed an improvement in diversity and gender balance in the office over the past five to 10 years.

There’s never been a better time for women in the workplace than right now, with companies taking direct action to support women and help them achieve their career goals. From implementing flexible work arrangements and fair parental leave to offering helpful training programs, these initiatives are giving women the tools to take control of their careers and soar to the top of their industries.

But it’s not just women in large organizations who are making great strides across the region. We’re seeing a marked rise in entrepreneurialism across the globe – and the Middle East is not immune. In fact, business owners like Doaa bin Thabit are proving that women have the skills, the strategies and the ambition to turn an idea into a hugely successful operation.

It all began with a package

Finding opportunities for female business owners

Doaa’s company, Packageha, began when she noticed a gap in the market. She believes that package design makes the first impression about the product inside, but many home-based business owners don’t have the artistic flair nor the funds to afford a custom-designed package – which usually means they have to go with a cheap, generic white box with their business logo on a sticker.

Packageha was created as a way to bridge this gap. The company allows home-based business owners to create their own unique package design without the hefty price tag of mass manufacturers.

Bridging the Gap

“We aim to enable productive families and small business owners to upgrade their products by providing a unique, contemporary design that creates an identity for their products and printing packages – all at the lowest cost and quantity possible to suit their basic needs,” Doaa says.

Doaa’s passion for empowering women and entrepreneurs means people can more easily turn their idea into reality, enabling women all over the region to start their own business.

“Packageha has been serving women entrepreneurs from all over the Kingdom regions, shipping their customized packages within a week’s time,” she says. “We create packages to deliver happiness and to empower women's startups, helping upgrade their business with a package that tells their product’s story best.”

Giving back to the community

Pacakgeha is more than just a package company. It’s a social movement driven by an owner who is using her business success to support underprivileged women.

“Packageha has a line of event giveaways, and we hire underprivileged women to fill and pack these giveaway boxes,” Doaa says. “We also support women’s causes such as breast cancer through marketing campaigns and events. For example, we recently printed giveaway cards with pink pins for a woman’s new startup.”

With her company continuing on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future, Doaa reflects that the best part about being an entrepreneur is seeing the result of all her efforts to empower other women business owners.

“I feel overwhelmed that Packageha has become the first choice for women's startups,” she says. “Women with business ideas can now receive a package design that reflects their brand identity at an affordable price. I feel even more blessed when they express their happiness with the package and their customers’ satisfaction. They will post photos on their social media accounts, tagging Packageha with compliments about our high quality and fast delivery, and especially that our box is 100% made in Saudi Arabia.”

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