Establishing the technical capability to succeed in décor

Décor Success Factor guide #3: The key to building the technology and skills your print business needs

Walk first, run later

The only way to become an expert in décor is to build up your offering. Find out more in the third Canon Décor Success Factor guide.

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Invest for success in Decor

Many print service providers' (PSPs') work in décor involves a different treatment of a graphics or industrial application they already produce, whether it's wall coverings, floor graphics or creative window displays. But establishing new décor offerings isn't usually a case of simply printing on a different substrate. Diversifying will usually entail some level of investment, either in equipment or in expanding a skill set.

For some, that may mean researching and understanding the interior design market further. For others it might be a case of making a financial investment to improve in-house colour management expertise, or developing a new technique required for a specific interior décor job.

In the third of our series of five Canon Décor Success Factor guides, we look at the importance of developing a focused portfolio of specialisms before trying to offer a wider assortment of services you may not have the technical capabilities to deliver. It will appeal to PSPs who want to:

  • Plan their entry into the interior décor market
  • Develop a focused portfolio of specialisms
  • Explore ways to expand their décor proposition
  • Excel at producing applications that will increase business opportunities

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