Success post-COVID-19: Simple conversation starters

How do you re-ignite conversations with your customers?


It’s time to switch up your conversation approach

Here are some conversation starters to support you in those initial discussions

Success post-COVID-19: Simple conversation starters


As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ way of working, there are a variety of conversations you should be having with your customers to find out how you can support them in effectively adapting for business post-COVID-19.

Success post-lockdown will not necessarily come from doing what you have always done. We’ve already seen a number of positive stories about companies that have used the opportunity to reflect on their value proposition, to review their products and services, and to adapt accordingly.

As a print service provider, we understand that you can’t just wait for the phone to ring or for the orders to fly in. You need to stay closer than ever to your customers, and understand and anticipate their needs. Be ready to be proactive and assertive in your conversations with them and to engage in much more consultative discussions about how your customers are reigniting their activities.

Only by really understanding each of your customers’ unique circumstances and how they are adapting to rebuild their business, can you identify the right opportunities to pitch and upsell print in their communications mix, adding value through more specialised services, such as personalisation or campaign integration.

If you want some inspiration on conversation starters to help you to re-engage with your customers and gain insights to shape what you offer them to best support their needs, please download our article.

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