GM-1000 Series 

Digital Galvano Scanners

Robust, reliable and highly accurate. The Canon GM-1000 Series of Digital Galvano Scanners are ideal for a wide range of laser applications

GM-1000 Series Digital Galvano Scanners

High-resolution Digital Galvano Scanners

Featuring Canon's Proprietary LED Optical Encoder, the GM-1000 Series offers class-leading resolution and low thermal drift, supporting laser beam diameters from 5 mm up to 30 mm

Precision Canon optical encoder

Built-in LED optical encoder and a high speed digital servo controller ensure incredible precision, surpassing all analogue galvano scanners on the market

Reliable thermal performance

Each Canon Digital Galvano Scanner will withstand continuous use, with a low thermal drift of less than just 3 μrad/degree over 8 hours when powered on and in use

Superb small step response

Small step response varies across the GM-1000 range, from 200 μsec in the 5 mm beam diameter GM-1005 to 540 μsec for the 20 mm beam GM-1020

High-resolution digital Galvano Scanners

Complete Galvano scanner component is available

More than just Digital Galvano Scanner motor, servo driver, Canon offers a full range of optional components, including various wavelength cover mirror unit, scan head (three type), focus actuator, scanner controller and marking software

Complete Galvano scanner component is available

All-in-one support software

Scanner Control Software is an easy-to-use tool for controlling, tuning, and monitoring Canon Digital Galvano Scanners. Auto tuning options, and all data measurement function to see the Galvano scanner status

2-axis position feedback

Canon GM-1000 Series Digital servo driver has the position feedback function for 2-axis motor, and contribute to the high accurate and stable scanner motor control

All-in-one support software

Product specifications

0.51 μrad resolution (GM-1015 & GM-1020)

Achieve the high command resolution with the combination of GM-1000 series motor and driver

3 μrad position repeatability (all models)

For scanning accuracy and reliability

Super stable to environmental condition change / or low thermal drift

Encoder system in GM-1000 series contribute to the super stable to environment, thermal drift is 3 urad/degree

5-30 mm beam diameter

5 mm, 10mm, 14 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm models


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