Driving innovation: The future of IoT

How the Internet of Things is redefining life – and business


Driving innovation: The future of IoT

Is the Internet of Things redefining how we live, work, and play?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. It’s in the phones we use, the watches we wear, and the technology that we use in business. It’s any device that connects to the internet and shares data. And it isn’t limited to PCs, notebooks and smartphones – any object that’s furnished with the said hardware used to compile and communicate data over a network offers incredible opportunity.

At the forefront of innovation, it’s no wonder that Middle Eastern businesses are renowned as the early adopters of emerging technologies. And the IoT is no different. With the launch of the flagship Dubai Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy in 2017, the UAE recognized that data wealth is one of our most revered assets.

A preferred destination for lifestyle, business and tourism, the Middle East offers a smart lifestyle that’s unmatched the world over. Smart Energy International reports that IoT and data wealth initiatives are expected to generate some $14 billion by 2021. From clean energy through to data storing and processing technologies, as well as blockchain, digital signatures and IDs, we have an abundance of digital wealth that is undergoing constant growth.

So, how can businesses prepare for the shifts that will undeniably come with the world’s most advanced IoT ecosystem?

Is the Internet of Things redefining how we live, work, and play?

How we’re using the IoT in business now – and where we’re going

We’re currently enjoying the benefits of IoT initiatives to increase accuracy, ensure consistency, and reduce manual interference in our business on a day-to-day basis.

From enhancing productivity in inventory sorting through to delivering increased cost savings in production cycles, IoT hardware and software are used to deliver end-to-end solutions for business. Scanning, print and storage hardware, as well as information management software, offer incredible benefits. And these benefits are as much for our businesses as they are for the consumer.

Consumers are increasingly savvy, leading to an increasingly competitive market. Organizations are under constant pressure to source digital solutions that will not only transform their business operations and enhance employee engagement, but also improve the customer experience. They need to pivot and respond, using data to make informed decisions for growth and development.

Data is critical to this. It’s a strategic asset that, when used effectively, can provide unmitigated advantage. From scanners and multifunction devices that transform organizations into paperless businesses through to integrated software and data governance solutions that enable effective management and data extraction, business is delivering better and faster while containing costs.

But where to from here?

How we’re using the IoT in business now – and where we’re going

The software and hardware you need today to take you into tomorrow

Every industry is, or should, be investing in IoT technology. But from automotive and manufacturing trades through to finance, education and technology, there is a common issue cited as the challenge of the future.

Cyber security and the risk of cyber attacks within connected devices such as mobile systems, embedded systems, consumer technologies, and operational systems.

Security is the biggest challenge we face, which is why it’s critical your solutions:

  • Prevent security breaches
  • Avert data leaks, and
  • Strengthen compliance.

Canon can help. Using our expert knowledge of your devices’ settings and the associated risks, we’ll configure your print and scan technology to match the scale and complexity of your business. We’ll develop custom-fit dynamic solutions, and ensure that every piece of your data is protected at every stage of the lifecycle while also delivering benefits such as operational efficiency and workflow standardization.

Find out how Canon’s office solutions can help you create a safer connected office.

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