The cost of color printing

Stay in control of costings with Oce printers


The cost of color printing

Cost efficiencies with color

At some point, almost everyone remembers being told not to print in color because it’s ‘expensive’. Weak reds and washed out blues signalled the end of the cartridge and the time to purchase another costly refill. These days, that simply isn’t the case. In fact, printing in black and white could be costing you.

90% of snap judgements made about a product are based on color alone. With over 200 million companies in the world, what snap judgements are being made about your business or product? Are you standing out from the crowd?

Printing doesn’t just refer to pictures and words on paper. The world of print has vastly developed in the last 20 years, making way for textured printing, wide formatting, unbelievably vast gamuts and instantly drying gel ink technology. Print marketing and direct mail are still extremely popular forms of advertising - and now they’re more affordable and capable than ever before.

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Cost efficiencies with color

Don’t compromise with color

These days, color printing is much more affordable than you might think. Primarily, money is saved on costly print bills by allowing companies of all sizes to be able to produce marketing collateral in-house. Availability of wide format printers means that no size or design is off limits. There’s limited downtime for Oce printers, due to their Automated Maintenance System. This system keeps an eye on the printer’s vitals and alerts if anything is depleted.

However, with breakthroughs such as UVgel technology, you won’t be getting alerts for low ink. UVgel print technology increases productivity and speed, while using less ink and still delivering an improved color gamut.

When it comes to your brand, research reveals that customers make a judgement about a product within 90 seconds of looking at it - 62%-90% of that judgement is based on the color. If you’re not using color, you’re unlikely to receive a full 90 seconds of their attention, instead they’ll be drawn to someone else's bright and colorful marketing.

This being said, you don’t have to use a spectrum of colors, draining your ink supplies and allowing costs to rise. 95% of the world’s top brands only use one or two colors in their marketing.

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Don’t compromise with color

What sort of features should I look for in a printer?

  • Fast drying inks - UVgel ink dries instantly, allowing you to use your new advertising straight away.
  • Wide color gamut - This refers to the spectrum of colors the printer is able to produce.
  • Quick job turnaround - Made possible by Canon’s unsurpassed automation
  • Wide format capability - For print jobs of all sizes, for a multitude of purposes.

Alongside printer capability and cost effectiveness, expert software can help to optimise the printing process. Oce Touchstone delivers an elevated quality of printing with pristine finishes, unique textures and exceptionally accurate ink technology. Complete design freedom allows you to expand into new segments, utilising custom sign writing, decor and packaging.

Technology has allowed printing to become more efficient and cost effective than ever before. Super fast printers and efficiency software allows users to directly program their needs with minimal waste and hyper-efficient ink. Printing in black and white simply isn’t an option in today’s digitally colorful world - in order to stand out we need to utilise color psychology and deliberate branding to its utmost effect.

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