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Major shifts are happening in HR

Major shifts are happening in HR

With the digitization of global sectors – from government to finance, media to education – it’s no surprise that human resources (HR) has also been affected by the technology revolution. But it’s not just digital that is causing unprecedented shifts in the HR industry.

With consistent job growth and the adoption of remote working, HR team sizes are expanding and redefining themselves. Not only is telecommuting a common perk as organizations attempt to attract the best talent, but HR managers must also attend to changing role requirements, as well as the utilization of both internal and external technologies to keep their companies ahead of the competition.

The changing face of HR is obvious, and business leaders must accept and support this evolution if they are to get the most out of their human resources team. After all, the success of an HR team is essential to ensure the success of wider business operations. So how can new solutions streamline the process?

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Major shifts are happening in HR

The power of HR Digitization

It might be how it has “always been done,” but processing paper employee files by hand is a quick way to fall behind the competition – not to mention costing your organization both time and money on laborious and archaic routines.

Instead, HR Digitization pulls the human resources team into the future by focusing on four key benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs: By turning manual, paper-based workflows digital, your HR tasks are streamlined and you end up saving money.
  • Better response times: HR of the past was slow to respond to tickets and queries. But with HR Digitization, the HR team can work faster and better with time-consuming processes now automated.
  • Greater visibility: Want to know why some of your processes are slower than they should be? Now you can, with both analytics and a complete oversight of work funnels revealing any bottlenecks.
  • Pure compliance: Security is key to the business of the future, which is why HR Digitization centralizes the storage of all employee data – so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive material is always protected.

The power of HR Digitization

How it works for your benefit

So how does it work? HR Digitization drives into four segments of your organization’s day-to-day. Starting with recruiting, the solution allows you to create new vacancy requests, manage all incoming CVs and then parse that digital paperwork to locate the most qualified candidates.

When it comes to onboarding new staff, the solution streamlines the entire enrolment process, which means less admin time for your HR staff and more time spent bringing your new employees up to speed.

For everyday management, HR Digitization is your digital hub for a variety of admin and financial tasks: timesheets, payroll, expenses, employee contracts and much more. Never again worry about wasting time searching filing cabinets for the right file – it’s now all held in one location on your device.

Even offboarding is built into the system, with pensions and retirement information housed securely in your business-specific solution.

With tight margins and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, business leaders need to seek out new technologies that can cut costs, increase efficiencies and improve productivity across the board – all while providing key security benefits in a digital-first world. When it comes to streamlining the role of human resources, HR Digitization provides everything you need.

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