ProJet 3600W Max

ProJet 3600W Max

High volume production of superior ultra and extreme high definition wax patterns for reliable and efficient metal casting.

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Superior wax casting patterns

Easily and efficiently print high fidelity 100% RealWax micro-detail, precision patterns for reliable metal casting. This versatile multi-mode printer quickly delivers full output capacity and superior quality in all resolution modes.

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ProJet 3600W Max

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Maximum build envelope capacity (all modes): 298mm (W) x 185mm (D) x 203 mm (H)

100% wax metal casting patterns for use with standard processes

3 resolution modes: maximum 750 x 750 x 1600 dpi; 16 µ layers

Typical accuracy: +/- 0-025-0.05mm per 25.4mm of part dimension

500GB hard drive

Fast and easy post-processing with dissolvable supports

Intuitive control panel

3D Sprint™ software

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ProJet 3600W Max

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