The paperwork pile – and why you should eliminate it

  • Posted 2 years ago
  • 2 min read

Despite your best efforts, your admin to-do list isn’t getting any shorter and you’re far from alone. Recent research by ICM on behalf of Canon Europe suggests paperwork and bureaucracy are the most time-consuming tasks for SMB owners.

One in five business owners spends most of their time on administrative tasks. In addition, 31 per cent of SME and SoHo owners across Europe believe paperwork and admin are key challenges for their businesses.

Over a third of SMB owners would like to spend more time on business development and with a fifth of business decision-makers actually spending most of their time on admin, this should come as no surprise.

Productivity can be hard to achieve with limited funds and a small workforce, this can mean that enterprise owners are constantly battling a never-ending tide of paperwork.

Despite being low on the priority list, business admin should be approached with a four point decision making process:

1. Stop and recognise the problems and pain points
2. Research and evaluate alternatives
3. Purchase and implement suitable solutions
4. Evaluate success and address further issues

It’s vital that every business determines its own pain points and choose the best information management solution.

The answer for SME/SoHo business administrative challenges could very well lay with outsourcing. French business owners are the most likely (35 per cent) to outsource their IT functions and as a result, two-thirds feel that they spend about the right amount of time on IT.

Another solution for SoHos and sole traders that prefer to manage their business alone is to implement an effective information management process. This can help owners to digitise and store documents and data from various channels, all whilst on the move.

Too often, excess admin and paperwork steals time and resources away from revenue generating tasks, and hinders productivity.

An improved flow of information empowers business owners and their employees to focus on the two aspects of their organisation that matter most: customer service and business growth. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer.