Canon HJ18ex7.6B IRSE S/IASE S


The HJ18ex7.6B IRSE S/IASE S is a compact, Standard HDTV lens that gets you closer to the action with an 18x zoom and 7.6-137mm focal length. Its impressive optical performance makes it ideal for ENG applications.


  • High peripheral resolution and uniform brightness ensure outstanding images
  • Versatile 18x zoom lens with 7.6 - 137mm focal length and 56cm MOD
  • Built-in 2x extender gets you even closer
  • Compact and lightweight for comfortable use in any location
  • Rapid start-up, with lens, chromatic and camera aberration functions supported
  • New digital drive unit: precise, repeatable operation
  • Enhanced virtual studio integration, with 16-bit encoder output
  • Familiar, intuitive physical design and menu structure make operation effortless
  • Crossover technology option – switchable between 16:9 and 4:3
  • New System mode supports lens adjustment between projects

Detailed Features

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Product Specification

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