As aspiring photography, videography, or print creatives, knowing who you are is an essential step in the process of launching your creative career.

Creative careers are rewarding. Those who are lucky enough to succeed at creative careers find their work meaningful and fulfilling. They will tell you that it is a privilege to support themselves by doing what they love.

Yet, creative paths aren’t always easy to pursue. Every creative professional encounters challenges in his or her career, and you will too. Regardless of the specific challenges you face, knowing who you are, what your values are and why your work matters to you will help you overcome anything. Your cultural roots can serve as a compass if ever you feel lost and as fuel if ever you feel stuck.

What you need to do.

At this stage, participants are to outline and explain the options that are available in selecting and kickstarting their creative journey by selecting their area of interest - photography, videography or printing. This year, for a focused approach while embarking on this journey, AKTASHIF 2.0 is providing a platform to select a niche from our programme themes: Food and Travel; Fashion and Beauty; Art and Culture; Health and Fitness.

Module 1 submissions include the following:

Selecting your area of interest from videography, photography or printing on the programme registration form.

Selecting the theme your creative journey will embody from Food and Travel; Fashion and Beauty; Art and Culture; Health and Fitness, by selecting it on the programme registration form.

Completing your programme registration form and submit it to sign-up for the AKTASHIF 2.0 programme.

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive your login details via email to access your Aktashif account and watch Module 1 introduction video. Already registered? Login here

We’re happy to help.

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